The Mississauga of Rice Lake Cannabis Association (MRLCA) shall:

  1. Advocate for the interests of the members of the Alderville First Nation who grow, sell, and consume cannabis products.
  2. Implement a process of self-regulation of the cannabis industry on the territory of the Alderville First Nation through the application of Indigenous political and economic principles that will: uphold Indigenous self-determination, protect minors, combat addiction, keep out organized crime, provide for quality control and safe handling and consistency of product, educate consumers, regulate prices, ensure fair standards of wages and benefits to workers, and otherwise promote the public health and social wellbeing of the people of Alderville First Nation.
  3. Advocate and promote the rights of all members of the Alderville First Nation to access cannabis and to build an “above ground” self-regulated industry to grow, process, transport, retail, and trade cannabis on a nation to nation basis. This advocacy may be done through means including, but not limited to, workshops, publications, advertisements, and public relations campaigns.
  4. Encourage the diversification of the Alderville cannabis industry into a broader “green economy” using hemp and cannabis byproducts to produce building materials, paper, clothing, health foods, etc. in such a manner to bring health and prosperity to the people of Alderville First Nation.
  5. Promote Alderville First Nation as a cannabis tourist hub, allowing us to share our culture and traditions.
  6. Defend and build political and legal support for any members of the MRLCA who face criminalization or state sanctioned targeting for participating in the Indigenous cannabis industry.
  7. The MRLCA shall create a mechanism whereby a portion of the revenue made through the cannabis industry will be apportioned to economic, social and cultural programs that improve the lives and support the identity and values of the people of Alderville First Nation.